Hypertension Prevention

Did you know every minute one person in the United States dies of preventable heart disease? 

Hypertension is defined as a condition in which high blood pressure acts as a means of increasing the risk of severe health problems. These health conditions include heart disease, stroke, and sometimes death. And the even scarier aspect is that so many people afflicted with this condition are unaware of their high blood pressure status until professionally diagnosed, thus slipping under the radar and worsening the issue. 

With this in mind, it’s important to understand the significance that hypertension brings to the table, as well as ways to help treat the condition so that health impacts are significantly reduced. 

At the Karya Kares Clinic, we seek to help patients find better ways of reducing the risks of hypertension through key lifestyle changes to their overall health. Eating a healthier diet with less salt, exercising regularly, and taking certain medications can help significantly lower blood pressure. 

With our team of expert onsite professionals, our patients are guided step by step through new and better ways of reducing the presence of hypertension as they move to maintain a more mindful, health-oriented lifestyle. We provide:

  • Nutrition plans
  • Budget-friendly recipes for hypertension reduction
  • Valuable diet advice
  • Meal calendars
  • And more!

Make an appointment with us today so that we can help you leave hypertension in the dust as you navigate towards an active, healthier future!