Obesity Management

Did you know 40% of the adults in the United States are obese? That number will increase to 50% by 2030. In addition, 1 out of 5 children in the United States is obese, bringing the issue across generations. 

Obesity can more than often increase the risk of, or simply add to, significant health problems that will negatively impact our abilities to lead a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s through an increased risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, or lack of confidence, obesity weaves an ever-winding trail that leads to one verifiable conclusion–it MUST be prevented,

At the Karya Kares Clinic, we take charge of helping our patients find stronger ways of countering the impacts of obesity through our obesity management program. We help our patients find the tools they need to tackle the threat of obesity head-on so as to prevent the risk of future health conditions, and all while helping them maintain healthier eating habits and lifestyles.

We provide:

  • Nutrition plans
  • Budget-friendly recipes for hypertension reduction
  • Valuable diet advice
  • Meal calendars
  • And more!

Look and feel more confident and healthy through our services! Book your appointment with us today and our team will help you on your way to the healthier life you deserve!